Petri Art is a fascinating way for demonstrating the art of culturing and conveys the language of your art with the help of colorful microorganisms designed in petriplates. This can be done using an agar plate which feeds the bacteria as they grow, artists inoculate the plates with bacteria that are naturally colorful or those with fluorescent genes of different colors to create vivid art pieces. Inoculating the plate is like drawing with invisible ink since the bacteria are microscopic. Different microorganisms grow at different rates and different temperatures, so the process can be quite long and take some extended periods of waiting, but the end results are breathtaking. The AMI 2018 for the first time is organizing a national level Petri Art competition to encourage young and talented microbiological artists. We are glad to invite all enthusiastic microbiologists to participation in this competition.

  1. A Petri Art should be in “4 inch” petriplate; accompanied by a description (theme) that speaks for key features of the art in English.
  2. Arts must be created carefully in the appropriate bio safety level environment possibly with nonpathogenic cultures.
  3. Creation must be novel and original. (Not seen/posted on the internet before or previously published or displayed elsewhere).
  4. Only one plate (art/theme) from one participant is acceptable.
  5. Preservation and maintenance of art created (During travel/Till the day of competition) is sole responsibility of participants. (Participants should choose the cultures accordingly).
  6. Last date for registration is October 15, 2018.
  7. Competition is exclusively for AMI-2018 registered participants.

  1. 1st prize Rs. 5,000/-
  2. 2nd Prize Rs. 3,000/-
  3. 3rd Prize Rs. 2,000/-

Contact Person
Prof. Ch. Sasikala, Mobile:+91-9000-796341